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OTTAWA, APRIL 5, 2021. Manor Park Management have filed an application with the City of Ottawa for an Official Plan Amendment for the lands known as Manor Park Estates & Gardens. A schedule for detailed design and construction has not yet been established to allow time for feedback on these initial applications including input on an appropriate phasing plan. The intent is to explore and establish the broad directions for the redevelopment of the 35 acres of land that make up the Estates. The requested amendments to the Official Plan will create opportunities for new amenities and housing types to meet the needs of the existing and future tenants in the years to come.

Manor Park Management is a family operated company for more than 30 years. Speaking on behalf of the company which owns these lands located along Brittany Drive, St. Laurent Boulevard, and Hemlock Road, Lalit Aggarwal, says: “We are very appreciative of our residents some of whom have lived here for more than 40 years, a testament to their desire to stay, as they love the area and don’t want to move. We understand that and we want to continue being their neighbors. That is our family commitment.” Aggarwal adds that if they are to redevelop, they will do it in concert with their tenants.  Working together, it is our intent to relocate tenants within the Estates, on their timeline, as we prepare to build new units so that no one is displaced.  To that end, we’d support an official City of Ottawa anti-displacement policy.

Manor Park Management’s approach to consultation has already begun, as they have started contacting tenants individually to discuss their plans and to seek their input. Since they are launching a master planning exercise, this is not just about new dwellings, this is also a re-think of the lands themselves and how the company can make them more functional; parks, pathways, curated retail, playing fields, housing types are a few examples of what these discussions entail.

“This is also about providing the social infrastructure that allows for the organic strengthening of community,”, states Aggarwal. “Again, we want to hear from our residents and the public at large as well about what they would like to see in their neighborhood. Some of the better ideas to date have come from the conversations we’ve already had. This is a master planning exercise that we feel will attract residents from around Ottawa. Our own tenants have been telling us what they would like to see on the site. Certainly, our aging population are looking forward to housing that will best suit their needs down the road.  We’d love nothing more than to provide what our existing neighbors, friends, and family would dream up for Manor Park.”


For more information contact Suzanne Valiquet at 613-222-7839 or email

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