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Fall 2023 Update

On April 12, 2022 City Council approved an amendment to the Official Plan to create a Secondary Plan for Manor Park Estates. Since that time, there has been a significant amount of work going on behind the scenes to launch this project. For example, the Vision Manor Park Team has been meeting with the Ottawa Community Benefits Network Agreement Working Group, as well as with architectural firms across Canada, with a tentative plan to initiate a design process for the first phase of this project at some point in 2024. 

However, before any detailed design work can occur, we must wait for the release of the City’s new Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP), which is still in the works.  The IMP is a strategic document that sets growth-related goals, objectives, and priorities for municipal infrastructure related to water purification and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management. 

Its purpose is to support the overall city-wide Official Plan (OP) goals of creating more vibrant, healthy and complete neighbourhoods while ensuring long-term affordability for both the municipality and its residents. The IMP will ensure there is enough infrastructure capacity in the right areas of the city and at the right service levels to accommodate development and redevelopment at the right time until 2031. 

To find out more about the IMP go to the City of Ottawa’s website at this link:

Infrastructure Master Plan - City of Ottawa


Manor Park Management (MPM) has taken the initial steps towards the redevelopment of its largest residential holding located in Ottawa’s east end. While generally referred to as Manor Park Estates, this holding is actually two quite distinct communities which are more accurately identified as “Manor Park Gardens” (north end) and “Manor Park Heights” (south end). The Gardens are located north of Hemlock Road on both the east and west sides of St. Laurent Boulevard.

The Heights are located primarily along both sides of Brittany Drive extending from St. Laurent Boulevard to Montréal Road. These are well known Ottawa neighbourhoods developed in the 1940’s located near Ottawa’s downtown core. In total, the redevelopment area is approximately 35 acres in size and contains roughly 650 dwelling units in a mixture of low-rise building forms.

Development through a phased approach strategy while taking care of our tenants

Being in an older area of the City of Ottawa amongst established mature neighborhoods, these lands have significant potential for redevelopment. However, this location also means that the design and implementation of this project must be very cognizant of the adjacent community and ensure these stakeholders are involved in the design process from the outset. With this in mind, Manor Park Management wishes to proceed with a “development through a phased approach strategy”. This means preparing a concept plan for the entire holding and then proceeding on a parcel-by-parcel approach over many years. The idea is to begin to redevelop where it makes most sense based on existing infrastructure. This strategy will benefit existing tenants by providing a longer-term view of their options as the project unfolds. Many of these tenants will be able to relocate and therefore remain in the neighbourhood in a unit on site.

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Official Plan Amendment made public by the City of Ottawa

The Official Plan Amendment for the redevelopment of Manor Park Estates has now been made public by the City of Ottawa. The matter will be considered by the City of Ottawa Planning Committee on Thursday, March 10, 2022.  Below is a copy of the report outlining the Departmental recommendation entitled “Manor-Park – A. McCreight – Letter“:

Manor-Park – A. McCreight – Letter

Manor Park Memorandum of Understanding

This document outlines in detail the Aggarwal family’s commitment of NO DISPLACEMENT to the residents of Manor Park Estates.

Project Guiding Principles


Affordable Housing:

Create a compact and complete community that integrates and provides diverse affordable housing to accommodate a variety of residents.

Community and Remembrance:

Draw from and build on the legacy of the original plan for Manor Park. The existing character of the range of housing styles, greenspace, connectivity and the layout of the streets will define the future of the community.

Mobility and Ease of Movement:

Develop a 15-minute neighborhood and emphasize a pedestrian-oriented community. Walking and cycling will be encouraged by providing safe and comfortable infrastructure to and from transit and existing pathways.


Create a network of private and public open spaces parks and public realm to reconnect the site with the surrounding neighbourhood and existing natural features through a seamless continuity with the abutting surroundings.


Promote a culture of sustainable living and encourage active, sociable lifestyles inspired by One Planet Living principles of health and happiness, equity and local economy, culture and community, land and nature, sustainable water, materials and products, travel and transport, zero waste and zero carbon energy.

Built Form and Scale:

Proper building height transitions will be carefully designed. Separation between high-rises and mid-rises will ensure privacy for residents, sunlight exposure and views to the NCC Aviation Parkway trail.